Founder Chairperson -Shri D.G.Vanzara IPS,DIG of Police(Retired),B.A.(Political Science),LL.B,M.Sc. Value Education and Spirituality

Introduction of "Rashtra Vandana Manch" (राष्ट्र वंदना मंच) is incomplete without introduction of Shri D.G.Vanzara who is Founder Chairperson of this Forum. Shri D.G.Vanzara, lPS, DIG of Police (Retired), resident of Gandhinagar, Gujarat State is one of the distinguished Police Officers in the country. He did B.A. (Political Science) and LLB. from Maharaja Sayajirao University of Vadodara, Gujarat.

As 1980 batch direct Dysp and 1987 batch IPS officer born on Gujarat cadre, he extensively sewed at different district places and major cities of Gujarat where he displayed the qualities of honesty, integrity, strict discipline, dedication to the duty and result-oriented actions throughout his long Police Career. He vigorously controlled crime and criminals and most effectively maintained law and order wherever he was posted. He strictly adhered to his objective as a police officer that law-abiding citizens should be protected while law-violating criminals should not be spared.

During the most troubled period of Godhara Train-Burning and Post-Godhara Riots in Gujarat from 2002 to 2007, he was a DCP/Add|.CP, Crime Branch, Ahmedabad city; and then as a Head of ATS, rendered note-worthy and memorable services in the said state. As a patriot to the core, he ceaselessly fought against anti-social and anti-national elements on one hand and waged war against networks of underworld dons and Pakistan based trans-national terror organizations like Lashkare Taiyaba, Jaise Mohammad and Huji etc. on the other; whereby he was instrumental not only in preventing Gujarat from entering into the dangerous phase of lawlessness, chaos, commotion and anarchy; but also in preventing Gujarat from becoming a second Kashmir in India.

Meantime, he became victim of intra departmental Police rivalry which was clandestinely aided and abetted by certain Anti-National Political and communal forces of the country. He, consequently, was arrested on 24/04/2007 for his alleged involvement in series of encounter cases like Shohrabuddin-encounter case, Tulsiram-encounter case and Isharat Jahan-encounter case and was imprisoned in Sabarmati Central Prison, Ahmedabad and Taloja Central Prision, Navi Mumbai for almost 8 years before he was released on bail on 18/02/2015. During this long-period of imprisonment, he did not loose his heart, remained firmly optimistic and faced all the hardships of jail life with smile on his face. To be more specific, as mentioned below, he, on the contrary, engaged himself in the constructive activities by making positive use of time in the jail.

(1) Apart from doing regular physical exercises, he devoted himself to the Spiritual Practices of Yoga, Pranayam and Meditation whereby he could not only maintain his health, but could also gain rare Spiritual Experiences regarding the reality Operating behind Man, Nature and Divine.

(2) He published three books of anthology, collection of Gujarati poems, composed by himself in the jail, named, (I) Vijay-Panth (Path of victory), (II) Sinh-Garjana (Lion's roar) and (Ill) Ran-Tankar (A call for war). These Book Titles themselves indicate at the indomitable spirit of the author of the said books.

(3) He fully invested his time in reading books on variety of subjects like law, history, politics, economics, human rights, science, art, literature, culture, civilization and biographies and autobiographies of Great Men.

(4) He, by distant learning, secured Post-Graduate Degree of M.Sc.(Moral Education and Spirituality) from Annamalai University of Madurai, Tamilnadu.

(5) He made Comparative Study of world religions like Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism, Shikhism, Islam, Christianity, Judaism and Jorostrianism. He also read number of Scriptures like Vedas, Upanishadas, Puranas, Shad-darshanas (Six systems of Indian Philosophy), Shrimad Bhagavad Gita, Bible, Quran, Guru Granth Sahib and other books on Eastern and Western Philosophy.

(6) He delved deep into Gandhian Philosophy as a whole in the context of life and deeds of Mahatma Gandhi on one hand and his Rights Movement in South Africa and Freedom Struggle in India on the other. He stood first in Gujarat during State wide examination held on subject of Gandhian Philosophy for which he was rewarded by Gandhi Ashram, Sabarmati, Ahmedabad.

(7) He also studied lives of Revolutionary Freedom Fighters like Vir Savarkar, Shyamji Krishna Varma, Sardarsinh Rana, Madam Kama, Bhagat Singh, Subhashchandra Bose and innumerable other Brave hearts.

(8) He used to regularly deliver the Motivational Speeches and Moral Lectures in Sabarmati Central Prison whereby he kept the morale of jail inmates very high and taught them as to how to live a normal and constructive life under the adverse circumstances. It is not surprising that it was during this jail period that he developed a Great Vision to share and a Llfe Mission to pursue. It is to be noted here that he retired on 31-05-2014 while he was in the jail itself.

After prolonged ordeals of 8 years in jail, Hon'ble Bombay High Court and Hon'ble CBI Court, Ahmedabad, released him on regular bail on 18/02/2015 with condition that he will have to (1) stay in Mumbai, (2) attend CBI Court there thrice a week and (3) he will not enter State of Gujarat without permission of the said Courts. Hence, on the day of his release from the jail on 18-02-2015, instead of going to his residence at Gandhinagar, he has to leave for Mumbai. After one year of legal battle at Mumbai, Hon'ble Bombay High court and Hon'ble CBI Court of Ahmedabad removed above stated conditions and permitted him to enter Gujarat. Thus, after 8 years of jail and 1 year of exilement in Mumbai, when he landed in Gujarat on 08-04-2016, he received Hero's Welcome both at Ahmedabad International Airport and Town Hall of Gandhinagar.

After his return to Gujarat, he received tremendous love and respect from the people of Gujarat. Consequently, 57 Public Felicitation Programs were Spontaneously organized by the people at all the major cities, districts and Taluka Places in all 33 Districts of Gujarat which is a rare gesture for a retired Police Officer anywhere in the country or the World.

On the occasion of his public Felicitation Program at Gandhinagar Town Hall on 08-04-2916, shri P.P.Pandey, the then Addl.D.G.P. of Gujarat, not only appreciated his ability to unwaveringly withstand against all stormy situations and stampedes, but also publicly honoured him with the Title of Rajarshi. Rajarshi literally means the King (Raja) who has gained the Spiritual Experience of Seer (Rishi). Rajarshi in short means a Philosopher King.

Because of the high vicissitudes and personal experiences of all sorts during the ups and downs of his eventful Police Career, he has not only emerged as a Dynamic Personality, but has also emerged as a strong Motivational Speaker, who is available to all, especially, to the Students of School and Collages and to the youth engaged in all walks of life. As an Eloquent Speaker and Powerful Orator, he is capable of giving positive direction to the energy of youngsters so that they can become the architects of their own future and the future of their country. He talks on number of topics but basically speaks on the subject of "Power of Positive Thoughts and Success in life." All HGOs, Educational Institutions, llMs, IlTs, Business and Industrial Establishments and others are welcome to invite him to speak on this subject and scale new heights in their respective spheres of life and living.

Moreover, he had been extensively touring across the State of Gujarat since last two years, whereby he is directly connecting himself with the people of Gujarat and apprising himself with their Problems, Hopes and Aspirations.

During the course of such a ceaseless movements and touring of the state, thousands of people have come into his contact who are ready and willing to share his Vision and join with his Mission. After continuous pressure and demand from his friends, supporters and followers, he has floated a Forum called Join Rashtra Vandana Manch(राष्ट्र वंदना मंच) : under the banner of which people from all spheres of life can rally around to achieve common objectives. It is all India Nationalistic, Non-political and Non-Governmental Organization. To begin with, the forum has become active in Gujarat. Its Organizational Setup is in the process of being created right from the State, to Divisions, to Sub-Divisions, to Districts, to Talukas, to Cities, to Towns and villages. All like-minded and interested persons are most cordially invited to join as members and also as office bearers to lead the people in the right direction.

The Aim

The aim of Rashtra Vandana Manch (राष्ट्र वंदना मंच) in short, is to inspire and cultivate Spiritual Nationalism in India. It is based on Hinduism which is Spiritualism which is Humanism which is All Inclusive and not exclusive in anyway. It aims at establishing Moral and Spiritual Values in all spheres of social, economic and political life whereby cleansing the public and national life of all their ills and evils. It believes in unity and equality of all human beings irrespective of caste, creed and communities. It does not believe in Preference for Some and Prejudices against Others. It considers India as a Divine Entity and therefore it aims at elevating India to the level of Vishwa Guru Whereby it can solve all the problems of Mother India and Mother Earth as well.


Founder Chairperson Shri D.G.Vanzara

"Rashtra Vandana Manch" (राष्ट्र वंदना मंच) is a forum created by the resolution adopted by Rajarshi Loksangraha Sansthan to implement its aims and objectives by mobilizing the general public.

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